My sweet doggy passed away in August of 2014. He had nasal cancer and it was the worst. Scout kitty and I remain, and although I’ve had less comic inspiration since Charlie’s passing, I honor his beautiful life through a lot of my comics. Scout loved Charlie more than anything (way more than she loves me), and she and I miss him dearly. This website was created for him – the love of my life. He was the funniest, sweetest, silliest, and most loving dog any human could ask for. Charlie and Scout were the best of friends, and we both miss him dearly. I hope you enjoy the silliness that’s on this website. The memories of my sweet Charlie, and the day-to-day life with my silly kitty inspires me to find the humor in life.

Update 2018 – Scout and I have a new doggy, Ozzy. He’s an energetic chocolate lab who just wants to love the cat by chasing her through the house and nibbling on her. Scout is not amused.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    I stumbled across your website while searching for dating flow charts; But your blog resonates with me on multiple levels:

    1) You are an adopted korean girl, while I am the adoptive dad of a korean girl
    2) you are a cartoonist with a really quirky sense of humor, and so am I
    3) Your dog’s name was Chuck, and my girlfriend’s dog’s name is Chuck. I had never heard the name Chuck for a dog until recently, and here are two of them. Weird.
    4) you lost your beloved Chuck to cancer, and I lost my beloved wife to cancer.. so I understand your loss to some extent.

    Anyway, having read many of your cartoons, I feel the need to tell you about a saying we have here in North Carolina: “You ain’t right girl” 😉
    I enjoy your cartoons and generally goofy sense of humor! Good luck to you and your cat!

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